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WISELII, Canada's Free Mobile Legal Research Tool, is an access to justice initiative for all Canadians by Wise Law Office. 

WISELII is a free app that makes Canadian legal information, legislation and jurisprudence instantly available on the iPhone mobile platform. Use WISELII to find any Canadian  statute or regulation and to research case law from Canada's courts on any legal topic.  WISELII allows users to save favourites, email links, and search for keywords within any case or statute.  

Most importantly, WISELII makes Canadian law accessible to everyone - on the go.  See our User Guide for more information on the app, with numerous screenshots.

WISELII is an independent undertaking that is in no way affiliated with CanLii or any Legal Information Institute. We would like to express our appreciation to CanLii, nonetheless, for its exceptional research tools and for permitting  WISELII to access its data for this iPhone application.

An essential mobile tool for lawyers, legal professionals, journalists and the public, 
WISELII is available free of charge, exclusively at the iTunes App Store. 





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