Typical compensation in a slip and fall accident

In Canada, injured parties and their families have the right to recover compensation for the following damages following a slip and fall accident:

  • Lost income during downtime resulting from injuries related to the slip and fall
  • Expenses for assistance to care for yourself or your family, such as nursing, housekeeping or babysitting
  • Transportation, if your injuries require that you take taxis
  • Medical services not covered by OHIP or your extended health insurance plan
  • Medical equipment required for your recovery
  • Other related out of pocket expenses
  • Pain and suffering

In addition to the above, if you lost a loved one as a result of a slip and fall accident, you would be eligible to recover compensation for wrongful death. This would account for funeral, burial, lost income and suffering.

When it comes to determining whether or not an offer is fair, you want to be dealing with a lawyer experienced in this specific area of personal injury. Once you accept an offer, you cannot reopen the file. At Wise Law, we guide our clients as to the value of their case, so they are well informed about whether or not a settlement offer is appropriate. We also help our clients to assess the merits of settling versus going to court, based on the nature of their slip and fall case.
Experienced in this specific area of personal injury, at Wise Law we are able to evaluate the merits of your case and inform you about your rights. Read on for further background and contact us anytime to speak with a lawyer about your slip and fall accident.