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  • You’ve been fired,
  • You’re having domestic troubles,
  • You’re in the dark about an inheritance,
  • You’ve been injured due to someone’s negligence,
  • You’re dealing with a company’s broken promise,
  • Or you’re dealing with a difficult neighbor.

At Wise Law Office , we believe you should know your legal rights, entitlements and duties. We will assist you to become more fully informed as to how to protect yourself, build the strongest case from the outset and as to any steps that must be taken immediately so you don’t miss any crucial deadlines.

The lawyers at Wise Law Office are here to answer your questions, guide you on the right path, and let you know what to expect. Your initial consultation with us is always confidential and without fee or obligation.

Since 1986, we have successfully resolved a wide variety of employment law, family law, wills, estates, and slip and falls matters, both in and out of court.

We are Wise Law Office. We are here to help.

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