Lúcia Vitória Oliveira, Legal Assistant

Paul Adam, Associate LawyerPaul Adam joined Wise Law Office as an associate after his Call to the Bar in 2015. Before, he articled at a boutique litigation firm in Hamilton, Ontario.

Lúcia Vitória Oliveira joined Wise Law Office in 2023 as a legal assistant and completed her education as a Law Clerk at Humber College in 2024.

Lucia’s journey in the legal field, however, started as a lawyer in Brazil. Her work in Brazil focussed on corporate law, where she refined her skills for nearly three years before diversifying her practise to embrace family law, alongside administrative and criminal law cases.

With over four years of legal practice in Manaus-Am, Lúcia brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Wise Law.

Lúcia’s versatility and commitment to justice has led her to explore various facets of the legal domain, enriching her understanding and proficiency. Lúcia has also pursued further academic endeavors, completing two post-graduate programmes in Brazil, one in civil law and another in tax law.

Lúcia believes that the law is not static but evolves alongside society, culture, and human understanding.

Lucia is fluent in English and Portuguese.

Lúcia Vitória Oliveira can be reached directly by phone at 416-972-1800 ext. 211 or by email at l.oliveira@wiselaw.net.